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Starr Mazer


Starr Mazer is a modernized fusion of point-and-click adventure and horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up IN SPACE. It's got a protagonist named Brick M. Stonewood (the M stands for Metal), a man out of time trapped in a future he doesn't understand. It's cool though becuase Brick's an ace pilot with a wicked sick relic of THE GREAT WAR, the Starr Wolf: A DSP MkII Special Assault Frame built of tri-cordal folded breon and pitch molded bitanium and armed to the hilt with all manner of noise makers and jail breakers. An imperial body with the smarts of an Exeter planet-pop and the guts of a top suit smuggler's tail.

He's found himself a regular watering at the Holloway-Exiter station on the outer edge of the Baratha Divide. The Holloway-Exeter is a frontier town packed into spinning ringed cylinder orbiting the fourth moon of the third planet of a dying star; a great place for a mercenary pilot like Brick to find himself at the pointy end of some clatter and sin.

Then there's the girl. There's always the girl.