Imagos Softworks
Based in Seattle, Washington

Founding date:
June, 2013


Press / Business contact:


Starr Mazer

118 Republican St.
STE 524
Seattle, WA 98109

+1 (312) 945-6653


Imagos is the final form. Nostalgia in HD. An indie game studio in Seattle, WA with stories to tell and childhoods to recreate.


Larvae [2010-2012]

Imagos began in 2010 when Don Thacker left a lucrative 12-year career in enterprise programming for a deeper desire to make art for a living; to tell stories. With the help of two close friends, Don began indie film studio Imagos Films.

Imagos developed the feature film, Motivational Growth. A dark-comedy / fantasy born of Don’s love of videogames, the 90s, and a twisted desire to see Jeffrey Combs play a large chunk of talking fungus. Within MG both Imagos Softworks, and Don's dream game, Starr Mazer, took shape, seeing lead character Ian Follivor sucked into the Mazer-verse itself.

The film was incredibly well received, winning over 30 awards, landing praise from FilmThreat, Ain’t it Cool News and others, and finding immediate distribution with Devolver Digital.

Pupae [2012-2014]

Imagos began making short films for video games, creating a niche market of innovative, collaborative and daring commercial spots for games such as Potatoman Seeks the Troof, Super Motherload and Jazzpunk. Imagos also partnered with Frictional Games for an upcoming feature film / videogame convergence project breaching new territory in transmedia.

Don pursued storytelling in games as a contributing developer at Pixeljam Games, writer for Robot Loves Kitty’s upcoming title Upsilon Circuit, designer for Rocketcat Games’s upcoming title Death Road to Canada, narrative designer for TOO DX’s Wii U release Sportsball, and writer for X-Gen Games' as yet unanounced PS4 title.

Imagos [NOW]

Imagos Softworks, with the support of Imagos Films, is now hard at work on its first game title, Don Thacker's dream game, Starr Mazer.



Starr Mazer (4:3 @ 1920x1440) Vimeo, .mp4

Sportsball YouTube, Vimeo, .mp4

Potatoman Seeks the TROOF! YouTube, Vimeo, .mp4


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