Imagos Softworks

nostalgia in hd

You're a kid and it's all magical. Everything in the world has a glow. It doesn't matter that your action figures are bucks of pressed chip and conflict rubber. It doesn't matter that your games are made of squares and beeps. You don't need resolution; that's what imagination is for. Everything is HD when you're a kid. Everything crackles and glows and you can't help but wonder how much more awesome it will be when you grow up. Then you grow up. You've sold the cheap plastic and your games have been replaced prettier games but even at 1080p 60FPS they still seem empty somehow.

It's the imagination. You filled in those gaps with your awesome little kid mind, your awesome little kid heart. That's what we do. We fill in the gaps. We give you what you remember. Not what you had - that's all bloops and bleeps and mechanics from a time in which jumping was super novel - but what you remember. That crackle and glow.

Nostalgia in HD.


We're a group of artists and makers, dreamers and doers. We fail and roil and spin and create. We ache with the burn of knowing every day is a day to make history and every night is a magical time to make even more. We make games. We make memories. We're a machine for producing smiles nestled under the Seattle Space Needle on the wet grass watching the moon through the overcast pitch of the night.

We're just like you.


We make games. We make games to tell stories. That's the whole point, isn't it? To experience something new? To experience a story? To make one of your own? We're some of us game makers by trade. Some of us writers. Some of us filmmakers. Some of us musicians. We tell stories in code and in pixels and in the flow of words. We tell stories in music and in action. We wake with the rush of our dreams to push us and spend our days trying to build them so that you can live in them. We manufacture delight.


We collide. We arc a screaming thunder of abstraction and scratch at the motes that survive to stack and press and catalyze into someting greater than any one of us could imagine alone. Sure, this is all very abstract, but what did you want us to say? We make retro-inspired games using modern technology?

Fine. That's how we do it. Platforms. Engines. Code. Trackers. Programs and whatever. DREAMS.